Wagmyre Inc is a provider of  integrated information technology solutions. We help small business, government, education and healthcare customers by delivering critical solutions to their increasingly complex needs. Wagmyre was founded in 2011 and we offer a wide range of high-tech products, services and solutions. Including storage systems, servers, software, computer and components, as well as professional services.

We serve a diverse set of customers including original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and value added resellers (VAR) and system builders. Our Software resellers are ready to serve your needs. The resellers range from full-service computer systems distributors to online software houses.

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We work with the leading manufacturers, we endeavor to provide complete solutions to satisfy every customer’s needs. We carry a comprehensive range of wireless networking, software and more.

We offer highly customized solution specific for your industry and with a customer support team dedicated to solving your problems. Our innovative process of virtual technology resources allow us to offer the kind of systems solutions you need to confidently take your small or medium-sized business into the future.

Our company brings a fresh and innovative approach to management at both the hardware and software levels. As experts in software development and manufacturing, Wagmyre is involved in every stage of the project. Apart from managing the entire implementation from inception to completion, our team of technical experts ensures continued functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation.

The following is a list of some of the industries that our clients operate in:

Health Care
Medical Records
and more…